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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Following my review of Trust Me which comes out next month on March 10th, I had the opportunity to talk with the author Gemma Metcalfe about her debut novel amongst other things.

1.     Your debut novel Trust Me is out on March 10th but is available to preorder now from Amazon can you tell us a little bit about the book?

Trust Me centres on a phone call between two strangers; Lana, a young single mother who works in a call centre, and Liam, a middle aged suicidal man who feels his only option in life is to kill himself. At the start of Trust Me, the reader is introduced to Lana. She is a victim to her overpowering boss and on the run in Tenerife, for a reason which is not initially clear. When Lana cold calls Liam, she soon realises that something's in life are more important than making a sale.

The story flits between the past and the present and is co-narrated by Lana and Liam. There are multiple twists and turns, and a twist towards the end which has been described as ´jaw dropping!´

2.     Has writing always been a passion? And if not what made you want to start?

Yes, writing has always been a passion. At the age of five, I won a school competition for writing a story entitled ´My nannaƛ tree.´ I have always loved writing and creating stories. I often get in trouble off my friends and family for not paying attention to them. I always seem to be trapped inside my own mind thinking up my next big plot.

3.     In relation to the previous question; did something in particular draw you to writing thrillers and inspire you to write Trust Me?

This is a really interesting question. When I was younger I read a lot of crime fiction, including works by Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers. When I initially started writing, I would try and imitate this type of genre but I didn't have the knowledge needed in order to do it justice. I bought a Kindle around six years ago and it was then that I started to read thrillers, including works by Mark Edwards and Rachel Abbott. I loved those types of suspense thrillers, and my writing naturally followed in that direction.

4.     I’ve spoken to authors before who don’t know the end of their book until they are writing it. What is your process when it comes to writing?

One of the things I always wanted to know when writing ´Trust Me´ was whether or not I was ´doing it right.´ I had the basic idea and I had the twist, but everything else I made up as I went along. I actually re-wrote entire sections based on new ideas which came to me during the writing process. I  know authors who plan everything in fine detail before putting pen to paper and I initially tried to do that with my new book  but I just can't seem to plan ahead. I guess the journey is personal to each author, it is the destination that matters.

5.     Is there another genre that you like to write or would like to write in the future?

I love Mark Edwards and Lisa Hall. They are both huge inspirations to me and to have them both read and quote ´Trust Me´ was really a dream come true. I am also a huge fan of Amanda Prowse and Kimberley Chambers. My favourite book of all time remains´The ladykiller´ by Martina Cole which I read when i was about thirteen years old!

6.     Another two-part question; who are your favourite authors right now and what books have you enjoyed reading recently?

Psychological/ suspense thrillers are what interest me most. I love stories that pull the rug from underneath you and that centre around ordinary people in extraordinary situations. I do enjoy lacing my writing with a touch of comedy though and comedy writing would be an area i'd possibly pursue in the future.

7.     For the budding writers, out there (myself included) as we’re always told not to get discouraged. How long did it take for you to get published/how many attempts at submitting a manuscript?

I was rather lucky because I only submitted ´Trust Me´ to three publishers and HQ digital offered me a two-book contract almost immediately. However, since signing, I have received the other two back submissions back which were rejections. I guess publishers all look for something different and it is crucial to find the publisher which is right for you.I mean we all know the story of JK Rowling.

8.     My last question is; are you working on anything else at the moment? Even though Trust Me isn’t officially released for another month as I write these questions, I’m keen to read more of your work.

That´s brilliant to know! Yes, I have been signed for an initial two-book deal so I am working on a new thriller as we speak. It is still in the early stages but i am enjoying writing it and i have a killer twist lined up.

Trust Me is a great read for any thriller fans and with a second book in the works it's a good time to jump on the Gemma Metcalfe train by preordering it now from this link.

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