Vanishing Point Review

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Vanishing Point by Danielle Ramsay
Rating: 5/5
Source: Bought from Waterstones
Released: 26th April 2012

She couldn't figure out where she was or how she got there. All she knew was that she was hurting. Really Hurting. 

One Sunday morning in Whitley Bay, a headless female body washes up on the beach. In no time maverick DI Jack Brady is plunged into one of the most harrowing cases of his career. 

Just when things couldn't get any tougher, news arrives that Brady's old flame DS Simone Henderson is close to death after being mutilated in a horrific attack. 

Brady's investigation uncovers a depraved sex trade. But when he realises that the roots of evil may be too close to home, can he uncover the truth without his own world falling apart? 
It's been a long six months since the Sophie Washington murder when we last saw Jack Brady. The case has made him even less popular with his boss DCI Gates and has resulted in Brady being stuck behind a desk pushing paperwork while rival DC Adamson became the golden boy of Whitley Bay's police station. To make Brady's life worse he's still no further along in repairing his relationship with his ex wife Claudia and the woman who helped end said relationship is also back in the North East. Unfortunately DC Simone Henderson is on the wrong side of the crime scene tape.

It's another dark tale for the seaside town of Whitley Bay, not only has one of the forces own turned up in a bad way, but the body of a young woman has washed up on shore metres from where Simone was found half dead in the Blue Lagoon club. Before he can have any hope of learning the woman's identity, Jack first has to find the poor girl's head.

The discovery of the mutilated body shines a unholy light on the goings on in the North East, it's more sinister than a small branch of the police should be dealing with. Sex trafficking has not only made it's way to the North, but right onto Brady's doorstep. If that wasn't complicated enough, old friend and ex copper Jimmy Matthews is threatening Jack from prison and Jack is worried that his little brother, Nick, might be mixed up in all of this unsavoury business. No wonder Jack needs a drink.

He's still got Conrad though. Lovely, patient Harry Conrad.

Danielle Ramsay paints the picture of a police station banding together in light of DC Simone Henderson's attempted murder. Albeit terrified that they might be next, everyone shows their loyalty through an eagerness to solve this case as quickly as possible. Though Jack has a loyalty to his brother too and has to make sure Nick isn't involved first.

Vanishing Point is much darker than Ramsay's first book of the series, Broken Silence, it's a look into just how seedy crime can be. As a big fan of psychological thrillers, the dark edge around Brady's cases intrigues me more than the average police procedure novel. More than just another murder mystery, Vanishing Point is another chapter in Jack Brady's life as again the case seems to link itself to people from Jack's past. I really enjoy the personal link he has to his cases.

Growing up and working from Whitley Bay to Blyth in the North East, theres a good chance you're going to know everyone and their brother, Brady certainly seems to and it really comes across in this book just how tied he is to Whitley Bay. A lot of families stay in the North East all their lives and across generations. These connections and unfolding backstory are what make Jack Brady such a three dimensional character.

It's another month closer to the debut of Danielle Ramsay's new series starting with The Last Cut, next month on March 1st (my birthday!) I will have my review for the third DI Brady novel; Blind Alley, going up. 

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