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Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Harry Potter book series is one of the few that I've read more times than I can count, some of those read throughs are technically listen throughs as I've always got my Stephen Fry audio books on my phone. The first time I remember reading the books was with my dad when I was four of five, the first two books were out and I was hooked the moment I was old enough to understand what he was reading to me. I grew up with every piece of Harry Potter merchandise including Philosopher's Stone umbrella, which I still have even though it's meant for shielding small children from the rain, not fully grown adults. 

With the arrival of my 20th anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone I have decided to do the Harry Potter book tag, a bit of an experiment on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

Favourite book

My favourite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban. The introduction of the Marauders and revealing more about Harry's family and their past, it really opens up the franchise in a more personal way. Learning about Animagi and Werewolves was exciting because from the first book the wizard class I most wanted to take was Transfiguration. Despite their still being a fair share of angst in the book, the Prisoner of Azkaban is the last book that clings to some innocence, before Voldemort returns and everything changes for Harry and the others. I really love all the books but this book stands out just a little more. 

Least favourite book

This is a really hard question, as I said before - I love all of the books. I remember growing up that my least favourite book was the Order of the Phoenix mainly because after the events of the Goblet of Fire I just wanted to get back into the action, Voldemort is back - why is the school year just going on like normal and why are they spending so long at Grimmauld Place? This is really just nit-picking, there isn't any of the books that I would skip if I was doing a read through. 

Favourite quote

"I hope you're pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed - or worse, expelled." (I have written the book version of the quote as I have it to hand), usually a comical line, but so powerful. If I got to experience the magical world after growing up with a muggle life and dentists for parents, I don't think I could go back after seeing what the Wizarding world is like. Being expelled from Hogwarts would be soul crushing for someone who is on the outside and might never get back in, I respect her passion. 

Favourite Weasley

Favourite Weasley in the book series is definitely Ginny. Sorry Ron. She's brilliant in the books, clever, badass and not at all awkward and two-dimensional like she is in the films. I'm not sure why she was written that way for the film adaptation, Bonnie Wright has been amazing in other roles so I'm not inclined to blame her for Movie!Ginny. The romance between Harry and Ginny is also so much stronger in the books and not at all -oh we're both still single lets get together. The anonymous valentine card, the get well soon card and just generally how hopeless and relatable she was with her feelings for Harry is so endearing and she just feels like a much more genuine character in the book series.

Favourite female character

I've already talked about Ginny so we'll move onto Hermione. I know she is probably 80% of peoples answer for favourite female character but between her, Luna and Professor Mcgonagall, I couldn't think of who else to write about. Hermione is perhaps the most grateful witch at Hogwarts, so much so that the line from my favourite quote is even more pure despite the laughs it usually gets in the film adaptation. Hermione is smart despite being knew to spells and potions and is top of her year group, if not the school and she's muggle born, really sticking it to the pure bloods and proving blood status doesn't matter. She also manages to get a world famous Quidditch player to fall in love with her just by reading books. Goals.  

Favourite villain

My favourite villain is probably Bellatrix, I don't like her, she's absolutely horrible but I find her obsession with Voldemort fascinating. She's one of those villains that you love to hate, Voldemort I just hate and Umbridge I loathe. She's wild and dangerous and because she ruthlessly kills off fan favourites Sirius, Tonks and Dobby she's one to be afraid of, unlike the Malfoy's, she means business. 

Favourite male character

I would say Snape, but since there is specifically a favourite professor question up next I’ll say Draco Malfoy. He’s one of the characters I’d like to have seen more of, in fact just the whole franchise from Draco’s point of view would be great. I like a good a villain but Draco always seemed a bit naff in that sense, he was raised by a horrible, pathetic man and although Draco thinks he’s something to fear, a skinny blond kid who relies on the mention of his father to ignite fear into people, isn’t all that threatening. It’s comical and in the films he's got Tom Felton’s face, so that's really nice. I don’t know that Draco is good at heart, but he could have been had he been raised by a family that didn’t consist of death eaters. At least he was loved by his sadistic family, he grew up wanting for nothing. He’s smart and goes on to marry someone with much better morals than he has and if you have read The Cursed Child, Scorpius Malfoy is just about the purest soul of the franchise. Draco Malfoy you did something good. 

Favourite Professor

Favourite Professor is my head of house Severus Snape. The poor guy had it rough, his soul mate (matching Patronus charms can't be a coincidence) didn't return his affections and she ended up with the man who tormented him throughout school, talk about harsh. Yes he had a thing for dark magic but he died for the cause so I think he deserves some credit. He might have been awful to Harry but as the child of the woman he loved and the man he loathed, Snape was bound to have mixed feelings for the boy. He never wished Harry dead or anything and he put himself between Harry and Werewolf!Lupin that one time, not a total bad guy. Snape is one of the few who dared to cross Voldemort and was the first to question Dumbledore's plan of raising Harry to die to destroy the Horcrux inside of him. Questionable morals as a result of teenage angst, don't hold bad choices you make in high school against a person for their whole life. He chose dark magic where he should have chose Lily, and they both paid the price, Snape always remembered.  

 Thanks for reading!

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