June Book Haul

Friday, 30 June 2017

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first book haul post, I've been wanting to do one of these for the longest time but it's just not something I have gotten round to amongst all my books reviews. This month has been the month for experimenting with my posts and also a great month for giveaways and spending. Oops.

In this post I have included purchases, giveaway wins and PR copies of books but I haven't included the ebooks I got this month from sources like Netgalley or we'd be here all day. Hope you enjoy!

First up is what I bought. 

We've got Release by Patrick Ness, which I reviewed last week, I bought this because it was one of the most raved about books on my timeline and amazing had it for £6 instead of £12, I love a bargain. 

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, Slytherin 20th Anniversary Edition by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter is my favourite phenomenon ever, so I just had to get one of the new editions when I saw them, and I'm a proud Slytherin so of course it had to be that variation. I got this on amazon for £9. 

The Pack by Jason Starr. I don't actually know anything about this book other than that it's a contemporary/fantasy book about a man becoming a wolf. It looked interesting when I was dropping some things off at a charity shop, and it was only 50p.  

Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess. I bought this book for my readathon which is happening next week, since I am raising money for a charity that helps the survivors of rape and abuse, I wanted to feature a couple of books surrounding those topics and this was one of the more popular suggestions I got. I picked this up on eBay for £1.99

Unboxed by Non Pratt. Technically my dad bought me this when he visited a couple of weeks ago, I was browsing in Waterstones before going home when I spotted this on the shelf and he offered to get it for me. I've been eager for another Non Pratt book after reading Truth or Dare. It was £6.99 and is one of the prettiest books I own, the photo does not do it justice. 

Last up is Simon Vs. The Homosapien's Agenda. This was an impulse buy after I finished reading Release. I don't read a lot of LGBTQ+ YA but since it's Pride Month I thought there was no better time than to pick it up, it was £5.49 on amazon and I'll also be reading this, and Unboxed as a part of my readathon.

Next are the competition/giveaway wins. 

First is Truth or Dare by Non Pratt. I did previously have a copy of this from the May Illumicrate box, but I passed it on to my sister when I finished it so it was nice to win a copy to keep for myself. I'll hopefully be getting it signed by Non herself next month! I won this from the #SundayYA chat on Twitter. 

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This was a surprise book mail from Maximum Pop Books! I won this at the start of the month and didn't even realise, which is amazing. I used to have a copy of this years ago but seem to have lost it, and I love the eerie Netflix edition so I was happy to get this. I'll be reading this as part of my Readathon next week. 

I won Fierce Kingdom from @ collinsjacob115 on Twitter. I hadn't heard of it but a quick read of the blurb had me intrigued. It's a thriller about maternal love and staying alive. I thought it would be a great night time read and the book itself is just beautiful. 

The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak. Another book I hadn't heard of, I believe this was a Goodreads giveaway but I 've lost the email so I can't be sure, all I know is the book came from Simon & Schuester from New York.  It's described as a love letter to the 1980's, the dawn of the computer age, I thought it looked really interesting and all I've read recently is contemporary fiction, so I thought it'd be nice to step back in time a little. 

PR books. 

The Last Cut by Danielle Ramsay. I reviewed this towards the start of the month. I've been a fan of Danielle's work for the longest time, her books are set in and around my home town so it's always exciting for me to read about. I got sent this by Danielle herself and got it signed at her book launch, so it's now my baby. 

Sweet After Death and The New World both came from Book Bridgr. I can't remember exactly when I requested them but they turned up this month and I'm really excited for The New World in particular. Both look great though and I'm always grateful for more books to review here on my blog. 

Other books. 

The Hobbit I didn't actually get this month, I got it thriteen years ago when I was nine years old, but this month I got it signed by the illustrator, Alan Lee. It felt like some childhood dream come true, I spent hours upon hours of my childhood reading and re-reading this copy of The Hobbit and admiring the illustrations. Childhood made.

Beren and LĂșthien I did buy this month, and I also got this signed by Alan Lee. Though this book isn't for me. 

I asked Alan Lee to personalise this book with the words 'Thank you' beacuase I am giving away this book as a part of my chairty readathon. If you would like to win this beautiful signed hard back copy of Beren and LĂșthien then head over to my twitter - 
https://twitter.com/_rebeccastobart/status/877203975455600641 and share the link to my donation page to be entered into the draw.

You don't have to make a donation to win but I am giving those who do donate an extra shot at the prize. 

Quite a long post, I hope you don't mind. I always love reading about what other people have been buying or reading that month so let me know if this is something you'd like to see again in the future!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I don't think I've read any of these books! I've definitely heard of some though. I've also never really thought about using eBay to buy books, but I might had to in the future.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of books! Book hauls are great because I'm so nosy and I love to see which books people have. I'd really love to get Release and Simon Vs. The Homosapien's Agenda.


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