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Monday, 19 June 2017

I want to start this post by saying that I in no way believe you need any of these things to be a blogger. As well as a blogger I classify myself as a mixed media freelancer, which basically means I'll take on almost any media related job (I've also been a media student for five years) so what I have - I've collected over the years.

I'm sure you know what to expect, this is going to be like a 'what's in my make up bag' post, just with a different kind of Mac product. This is what's in my blogging kit!

My DSLR/Lens. 
To take blog photos I use a Canon 600d (Rebel T3i for any Americans out there) with a standard 18-55mm lens. I've had this camera for around five/six years from when I was an absolute novice, it used to be the YouTuber go to, which is why I got it at the time. It has a screen that flips out, great for budding vloggers, and is easy to use as it's a couple of steps down from those really fancy 5d's. I've never upgraded because it's a good, solid DSLR and all I've done is buy new lenses for it including a 75-300mm lens which is probably my favourite piece of kit. 

My tripod. 
This is something I picked up cheap on Amazon but it's sturdy enough and it means I hold my camera steadier, which is mainly for filming but it doesn't hurt for flat lay photos either as it gives me more reach. It's called an Octopus tripod, a take on the more common Gorilla tripod and I think it's cute as well as practical. 

My laptop. 
This is the most crucial piece of kit in my arsenal, I do virtually everything on my laptop from writing posts to connecting with other bloggers. Like with my camera, I got my laptop pre-blogger and I even though I used it a lot for coursework and Netflix, now I feel like I live my life on it. I use a MacBook Pro 2012 model and although it's slow at times and is a little clunkier than the newer models, it gets the job done and I'd be lost without it. 

My iPad/e-reader.
Another crucial piece of kit for any book bloggers. Most of the books I get sent/apply for come in an e-book format, I could read these on my laptop or phone but having something with a longer battery life and a more comfortable size is really handy. I tried a Kindle once but I got the cheapest version and didn't really like how the screen looked. I have the original iPad mini that I originally bought for university four years ago (a year before I ended up going), another outdated but not unloved piece of Apple tech. 

My notebook and pens. 
These last tools are something I've only recently started using to aid my blogging. A notebook from Sainsbury's (I think, sorry it was a birthday gift) and some colouring pens that I again got from Amazon. I never used to make notes about my blog posts but now that I am writing more than just reviews, I'm finding it a lot easier to keep track of my thoughts with bullet points on paper instead of always sitting at my computer. Sometimes the simplest of things can make a big difference to your routine. 

And that is everything I am currently using to help me blog, excluding things like book props, my bedding does make an appearance in this post as it does a lot of booky photos though. Also as a bonus, I edit all of my photos with Snapseed on the app store which I believe is/was free and I make my graphics for free on Canva

I thought it would be fun to do this post now, when I'm six months into blogging and then try it again in another six months or even a year and see how much has changed. Something I want to invest in is a proper blog planner, but other than that we'll see how things develop. 

Is there anything you use that really helps you to blog? Let a rookie like me know, I'm always looking for new apps and ideas :) 

Thanks for reading!


  1. The most useful tool for me is my notepad. I make sure I have it with me most of the time and beside my bed at night! That or the notes section on my phone. Inspiration always pops up at random times.


    1. Ah phone notes is a good call too, I do use that a lot :) Thanks for commenting! x

  2. We can never blog without laptop obviously, but another crucial thing for me to always have is my DSLR. I think having pictures on blog making the blog fun to read and go through. Great post! Love your deathly hallows tattoo by the way :) x Ain

    1. I totally agree! I used to just use book covers from google images but I'm loving the more personal look taking photos gives my blog :) Aw thank you! It's my pride and joy in dark times <3 x

  3. I'm definitely a newbie to blogging too so I'm still figuring out what works/doesn't work but I can't leave home without my extended portable battery, portable mouse & my planner - I guess my planner takes precedence over a notebook (same concept).

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    ♡ Christine Anne
    A Blueberry Girl

    1. I need to get a good portable charger, especially for when I take a lot of photos on my phone/read on holiday. I'm definitely looking into a planner, I find myself filling in my notebook in a planner-like style anyway so it'll probably save me time :) Thanks for commenting! x

  4. Ooh I love this take on the "what's in my bag" type posts! I couldn't blog without my laptop or my camera or my phone. In fact, I'd probably be more lost without my phone! (As Twitter is too slow to use on my laptop!) for my blog tours, I'd be lost without my notebooks. I couldn't make schedules on my laptop, I much prefer old fashioned pen and paper! xxxx

    1. I'm the same with needing pen and paper to write with, which crazy because my phone would be a much neater organiser :P thanks for commenting! xxxx


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