Books I'm most excited for in 2017

Saturday, 8 July 2017

1. The Explorer by Katherine Rundell- Every time Katherine releases a book I love it even more than the last. Her current releases are all sublime, and this one is set to be just as excellent. I haven`t seen this get anything less than 5 stars from all the people who`ve received proofs and I`m dying to get my hands on this.

2. Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison- Lobsters (the debut of these authors) is one of my favourite books, but I didn`t love their 2nd book anywhere near as much. I`ve heard amazing things about Freshers though, so I`m really hoping I`ll enjoy this.

3. Simply the Quest by Maz Evans- I loved Maz`s debut earlier in 2017, so I`m super excited to delve back into this madcap adventure series starring the Greek gods again. Also, I`m desperate to know what happens next after the cliff-hanger at the end of book one...

4. The Secrets of Supernatural Creek by Lauren St. John- I am a huge long-time fan of the Laura Marlin Mysteries so after 3 year whole years since the last book I couldn`t be more thrilled about this one coming out next month!

5. The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud- I only discovered the Lockwood and Co books last summer but I fell head over heels in love with them as soon as I read them as they have super creepy ghostly mysteries and some of the best and funniest characters you`ll ever read. I can`t wait to read the last book of the series, even though I`m devastated it`ll be over. I also need to see more of the Skull (my very favourite character of a brilliant bunch)

6. It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne- I couldn`t adore the Spinster Club series books any more than I do (they were my gateway to feminism as well as just being all round excellent books), I also enjoyed Holly`s standalones and I love the concept of this, so I`m pretty sure I`ll devour it in a single night like I have with all of Holly`s previous books.

7. Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend- Last but certainly not least is Jessica Townsend`s fantasy debut Nevermoor. I have been excited for this book since it was announced in the Bookseller last year and I`m extraordinarily jealous of everyone with proofs on Twitter, so my resolve has weakened and I am breaking my `don`t buy hardbacks` rule.

8. The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens- There are very few authors who can plot mysteries as well as Robin, and I couldn`t be more thrilled that she`s getting to write the follow up to Siobhan Dowd`s marvellous London Eye Mystery. Also- have you SEEN the beautiful cover designed by David Dean?! It would be worth reading just so you get to be in the presence of something so gorgeous, but knowing Robin and her writing I`m sure the inside will be just as special, if not more.

by Amy (@ GoldenBooksGirl) from Golden Books Girl

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