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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Wanderer

Astrid Bone is a law unto herself. She butters both sides of her toast. Says she likes it extra soft, despite burning it close to a crisp beforehand. She double knots her shoelaces. For luck, not any practical reason. She only wears yellow socks. Other colours don't feel the same when she walks. She collects things: mugs, pins, quirks.

Her mugs are all chipped, second hand things and she cradles each one in rough, sun kissed hands as she sips her tea, ignoring the way her boyfriend wishes she'd throw them out. 'They make it taste better,' she insists through a grin, tracing the floral patterns on the China with short nails. 
He just shakes his head and turns away, focuses his attention back on the map laid out before them. It's old - like everything else that she owns - and covered in mud from their last hike. The corners are bent and tattered from many a day spent buffeted by the wind. But it works. Has yet to fail them. 
She's a wanderer. She floats from place to place, drinks in their sights and sounds and then returns to her flat rich with experience and wonder. She never stays for long - home or away. 'There's too much to see,' she explains as she rifles through a drawer, searching for a pen. She likes to keep a written log of her adventures and her messy scrawl fills a shelf full of notebooks. One day, maybe, she'll make something of them.

For now, she travels. And she learns. And she yearns. To find her calling, her place in the world, the perfect sunset over the perfect mountain, the most hideous second hand tea set to make her boyfriend cringe. For now, she wishes and she waits. Lets the wanderlust settle into her bones. Breathes. 

by Charlotte (@ bookmarksblogs) from Bookmarks and Blogging

This  post has been kindly written in support of #Rebeccas24HourReadathon. SomeOne Cares is a charity that helps support survivors, young and old, who have suffered of rape or some form of abuse at some point in their life. 

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