Saturday, 8 July 2017

What comes to mind when you think of volunteering?

Every person I’ve told have automatically assumed that I do all the jobs that no one else wants to do, like cleaning and carrying boxes but that’s not all I do (okay, maybe I did last weekend but the rest of the day I was working on stage).

For the last seven years I’ve volunteered in so many places and met so many different people from all stages of life. Last week I worked at LAGC and met a group of people that I know I want to be friends with for the years to come. One introduced me to K-pop, music I now listen to almost daily and plan to see live with her at some point soon, and another showed me that just because I prefer board games over dancing, doesn’t make me as dweeby as I thought. Although I finished my weekend playing a game called Battle Sheep, I still experienced my first rave and found it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting!

As well as working in an Oxfam book shop (who can resist working with books and getting them cheap while helping a charity?!), I work every week in London Zoo and recently celebrated with my whole team that one of our co-workers is now one hundred percent cancer free, while another reached over twenty years at the zoo and her eighty fifth birthday. Working in all these different environments means that I get to witness all of these milestones in people’s lives.

So if someone asked whether it was worth volunteering: yes! You don’t know who you’ll meet or what you’ll get to experience so go for it. You don’t know who you’ll be helping or making smile along the way.

Thank you so much Rebecca for allowing me to guest post on your blog and I hope anyone reading this can donate to her 24 Hour Readathon!

by Amy (@ itsamazingamy)

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