My Top 5 Christmas Films

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Back on the 2nd day of Blogmas I had Zoe on my blog talking us through her top 5 Christmas films, her choices were so different from mine except for one film, that I had to do my own top 5 to compare.

So here are my top 5 Christmas films, not really in any particular order other than my number 1!

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

This film is a take on one of my favourite classic novels, it's so much fun and every year since I can remember I have watched it on Christmas Eve. For me this is the DO NOT WATCH UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE film, I know a lot of people have one. I'm not even a particularly big Muppets fan, I never watched the show and other than one of the more recent films, this is the only Muppets film I have seen. I put it down to Michael Caine and tradition. The song 'There's only one more sleep till Christmas' will always make my inner child squeal with excitement, it doesn't matter that I'm now 22. 

2. Love Actually

I know it isn't really a Christmas film because people have told me so on a number of occasions, but I only ever watch it around the holidays and it's staying that way. I've also been told numerous times that there's so much wrong with this film, but it has Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Alan Rickman and even though he is a little creepy, Andrew Lincoln. It's silly British humour, Hugh Grant is prime minister, there's Christmas parties, scandal and love. I'm not saying it's the sort of film that fills me with hope of true love, but it makes me smile and feel Christmassy and that's what counts.

3. Elf

A modern classic, even if that's an over used cliche when talking about this film. It's so quotable and fun and Will Ferrel is hilarious, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like this film. One of my favourite holiday traditions was when Elf was shown on television (I think Channel 4) and everyone in the UK would go crazy on social media doing a few million strong buddy (get it) watch. I don't think that's happening this year, which is sad, but I've watched it five times already so I'm not too mad.

4. The Grinch

Of course. I think this film will be on a lot of peoples top 5 list, it's comedy gold and every line is a meme. I used to religiously watch the animated version of this film but the Jim Carrey version took over when it was released and I actually don't think I've watched the animated one since, I might have to remedy that this year if I can find a copy online somewhere. Dr Suess will always be a warm childhood memory and this film makes me feel like a kid again while also being funnier now that I'm older and understand more of the references, it's a win win.

5. Arthur Christmas

When this film came out I was instantly obsessed. I love James McAvoy and could listen to him talk all day, so this is quite often the film I put on if I need something to fall asleep to, plus it's very lighthearted and fun. I wish I had this film when I was younger because it answers a lot of questions about Santa that children ask, they put a lot of thought into how it could be possible to deliver toys to every child in the world and I would have definitely believed more/for longer if I had watched this film.

And those are my picks! I hope you're all enjoying Blogmas so far, I've had so much fun doing it and I have a few more fun posts coming up and a couple more guests posts from amazing friends! So don't forget to check back tomorrow! 

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