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Monday, 4 December 2017

It's December now, if you haven't started Christmas shopping yet it could be either because you're waiting for pay day or you don't know where to start. Well, if you're buying for bookworms -look no further. 

What do you buy your book loving friends? You can't buy them books, they have all of the books, you can't even risk getting them a pretty edition because guess what? They have that too. They have multiples versions of favourite books and they're probably signed too because that's what us bookworms do, we collect. 

So books are off the table for book loving friends and family, what do we do next? Read my Bookish Gift Guide for ideas!
I'm not getting any financial benefit from any of the listed retailers, they're simply places and companies I enjoy!

Gift cards
Lets start off easy. You can't get books but you can do the next best thing and give your book friends a gift card to put towards books -simple but effective. Waterstones and Amazon are a good shout!

Bookish Candles
I have been obsessed with candles for years, but this year I discovered the bookish candle community on Etsy and I never looked back. There are some really incredible graphic designers out there and all of the candles I've had smell amazing.

My favourite candle makers are Merakai Candles and Flickerink and there is also amazing candles coming from Two Candle Thieves and Book and Nook

Book Marks
This is another easy one. So often I end up using a scrap of paper as a bookmark because I either get too precious about keeping my bookmarks nice, or I just can't find them... Solution? More bookmarks! Get your favourite people a few of them and wrap them up as a bookmark survival pack, I know they'll appreciate it because I would.

Definitely check out Fiction Tea Designs, Ink and Wonder and Jane's Tiny Things for your bookmark needs. Fiction Tea Designs is amazing and UK based, Ink and Wonder do the most amazing Woodmarks (I'm so sad that I've lost mine and need to order a new one) and Jane's designs are just so sweet. 

Book Sleeve
So that your friends books don't get damaged on their adventures, handy for commuters and travellers of all kinds.

I got this gem from Sweet Sequels because I very rarely see Jurassic Park merchandise but there are plenty of other options with some super cute designs. Book Besties and Book Buddle for example.

Book Sub Box
If you have a bit more money to spend you could buy your pals a month, 3 month or 6 month subscription to book subscription box. There are plenty of options available but Illumicrate and Wildest Dreams are my nominations because I personally know what to expect from them. Illumicrate offers a great mix of content, always YA but different sub-genres feature in each box. Wildest Dreams is a new sub box with some really exciting themes coming up.

The best part bout a subscription is you could give your friend an IOU and order their box at any time, maybe when a theme they like pops up or in the case of Illumicrate (which is quarterly) you could order now and they'll get a present in a couple of months as a surprise. 

Other bookish themed items you can find are bath and body products from Geeky Clean, bookish tea from Rosie Lea Tea and jewellery from Coryographies. This post could be three times as long at least, but I wanted to share just few of my favourite shops.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you tomorrow!

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  1. I love a good bookmark! Alex Clark is my favourite, but I'd love one from Little Lauren's Shop on Etsy 😍😍
    I'll have a look at the ones you recommend!
    Amy xx


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