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Friday, 1 December 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to day one of my first ever Blogmas! I've been excited about doing this since I started my blog back in January and have had some of the upcoming posts planned for months now. I've also asked friends and fellow bloggers to write pieces for my blog, so it won't just be me every single day because I'm no where near organised enough for that!

To start of Blogmas I thought I would show you my Christmas decorations, I've just done my room because if I was showing my whole house this would be a very long post indeed. Enjoy!
I'm lucky enough to have a mantlepiece in my room which is always the focal point of my decorations, there's usually a whole mess of stuff on here so my decorating is actually quite minimalistic compared to what it looks like all year round. I'll also let you know where I got everything from but this post is in now way sponsored!

Baby it's cold outside wooden ornament - I'm obsessed with this because it's one of my favourite Christmas songs (the Tom Jones + Cerys Matthews or Glee versions are my jam) and it was only £6 in T K Maxx - a lot of the decorations are either T K Maxx or Home Sense so this will be easy to remember. 
Also photographed is my T-Rex skeleton (which was also from T K Maxx),  I stuck a lego santa hat on his head and a Santa Claus Tsum Tsum which I got last year when a friend was splitting the Nightmare Before Christmas set. 

The next two items are again from T K Maxx. I've always wanted a nutcracker - not for the conventional use of course, he's just going to sit on my mantelpiece looking awesome. I've never really found one that I like until this year, when I saw this one that resemble a Victorian era super villain with his eyepatch and pocket watch. He was £5.99 and I've named him Jim, as in James Moriarty.  

The Christmas Carol book storage box was £4.99 and I just thought it would look good with my new nutcracker, these would actually make great gift boxes for book worms because it's a great size and really durable so they could keep it afterwards. 

Every year I like to get these little potted Christmas trees from Sainsbury's, Tesco or this year I got one from Morrisons (which is a UK supermarket if you're not from around these parts) and I love them. Very low maintenance, just give it a little water every few days and enjoy! For £3 you can't go wrong.

No Christmas display would be complete with fairy lights! I got these cute little bell lights from, you guessed it, TK Maxx. They were £5.99 and are battery operated, I accidentally left them on over night and thy still have plenty of battery life left, so good value all round!

My stocking was something else that I've held off on purchasing for a couple of years because I couldn't find one I really liked. This one is knitted and feels really good quality, T K Maxx never disappoints. This was £12.99 and I love it.

Here we have something that isn't from T K Maxx! My little ceramic Santa came from a local garden centre. highly recommend you check out a garden centre near you for unique/hand made Christmas decorations. Because it was from last year I'm not sure if he was £10 or a little bit more/less but we'll go with that for the ball park.

The little Christmas trees were an eBay purchase and you can find them here, I got these initially as a photo prop but they have ended up becoming a permanent part of my mantelpiece display. They were around £1.50 each and were available in a variety of sizes but I went for the default 15cm.

I did splash out this year a little and bought myself some new bedding, a large portion of my paycheck at my new job was spent in one T K Maxx trip. This bedding was £35 instead of £90 (the reason this is my favourite shop) and it isn't technically Christmas because they're stags but it has a red trim that makes it feel more festive while still allowing me to use it all year round. 

The throw blanket and matching pillow were from Next a few years ago and I couldn't tell you the price, sorry!

As well as my mini Christmas tree I also have a Yucca that I decorate every year because fitting a Christmas tree in my room along with everything else just wouldn't work. The Yucca itself was £25 from Ikea a few years ago. 

I got these cute Christmas light beads from Paperchase, they were £2.49 and are meant for presents but I bought two packs and this way I get to keep a set for myself. The knitted Christmas pudding ornaments were £5 for 4 of them and they came from Home Sense. 

Another handmade looking ornament from Home Sense, I was going for a theme, is this cute little felt wreath and I believe it was £2. 

The bells were a purchase last year and they were £2.99 for eight of them and I got them at Home Bargains. 

Last but not least are my dinosaurs. These are without a doubt my favourite ornaments and I couldn't believe it when I found these in Homesense. They were £2 each and I wish I'd picked up more of them at the time but I was trying to be good as it was only October 4th at the time... Christmas starts early in my house. 

That's it for the decorations in my room, for now. I still have some Christmas market shopping to do so I may do an update later in the month. I love seeing how people decorate, what themes they follow etc. If you've done a home/office/bedroom decorating post then please share the links in the comments so I can check them out.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. For some reason I've never really got on with TK Maxx, it always seems so hectic so I avoid it. But damn, what bargains?
    I think my favourite is the nutcracker. He really does look like a Victorian villain!
    Cora 🎄

    1. Everything is just such high quality for the price! I must admit I only go midweek on my days off, a Saturday around Christmas can get pretty crazy but if you’re on a budget but want stuff that will be worth saving then T K Maxx is the place ! Xxx

  2. Awh what lovely bits you’ve got! I love the Christmas Carol box! That’s so sweet. We usually decorate our mantelpiece too with lights and a stocking - even though nothing goes in it haha. Happy December & good luck with Blogmas! 💖


    1. Yeah my stocking is definitely just for decoration, if anyone tries to put anything in it, it’ll be straight on the floor! Happy December to you too and thank you xxx

  3. These are all lovely! I especially like your dinosaur and stocking :). I'm so excited for my mum to get our decorations up, they're mainly either glitter/sparkly or Disney!
    Amy xx

    1. I really need to get some Disney ornaments, I’ve seen some super cute ones online that would be perfect 😍 thank you so much for reading! Xxxx

  4. Your room is so gorgeous. I'm going to have to steal you for a TKMaxx haul because i NEVER find this kind of stuff there. I adore your bedding too. Christmas bedding is my goal for next year!

    1. I would love to go to T K Maxx and convince everyone to buy the things. This stuff was actually from the Byker and Metro Centre stores, Northumberland Street has the weakest game xxxx


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