Festive Trip - Chester/Comic Con Edition

Saturday, 9 December 2017

I'm sure for a lot of people Chester seems like quite a random place to visit for festiveness. It wouldn't be on my radar either if my dad hasn't moved there last year but he did and this year I got to go and visit for the weekend. The Christmas market in Chester is magical. 

Of course our first stop at the Christmas market was hot chocolate at a super cute stand call 'Bar Humbug' which did alcoholic drinks and Bailey's hot chocolates but since I'm actually six years old I just went for hot choc with whipped cream and marshmallows instead of alcohol.

At any market you can expect a lot of food, there was no exception here. Cheese, pies, chocolate, fudge - everything you could want to either put away for Christmas or just eat as soon as you get home because it looks amazing. 

And there were so many Christmas decorations/presents to be bought and I was tempted by a plush reindeer head but then decided that I didn't want Prancer mounted on my wall so I let it be. But there was plenty of other cutesy and handcrafted decorations to choose from. 

There is also a selection of 'on the go' food stalls, to eat while you wander around the market and attempt to keep warm. One of those stalls was a pancake stall that me, my dad and my sister couldn't walk past without checking out. 

And Chester was decoration goals. The city centre looked gorgeous, especially the massive Christmas tree and the Che-star (see what they did there?), it well and truly put me into the Christmas spirit. 

My Chester adventures didn't end at the Christmas market, we also got to travel to Wales for Comic Con, which in itself has become a tradition when I spend time with my dad. Not specifically a Christmas tradition but we're a family that conventions together. I didn't take that many photos when I was there because I mostly queueing (the joys of a convention) but I don't think anyone will be surprised that one of the few photos I got was Jurassic Park themed.

(I wanted to steal it)

And the real reason I ventured to Wales was to meet this man. Andrew Scott as Moriarty is one of my all time favourite characters and honestly I was more upset about his death in Sherlock than I was about Sherlock (sorry not sorry).  Having Jim Moriarty call me sweetheart and be amazed that my Ron jumper could also stand for Rebecca was a very surreal experience. He's probably the sweetest guy I've met at a convention and I will never be over it. 

Sherlock and Moriarty in one year.. I'm a happy fangirl. 

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow <3

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  1. This looks amazing! Your photos are gorgeous, and I specially live the yummy chocolate one and the adorable teddies ��
    Amy xx


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