GUEST POST: 5 Places I Want To Visit This Winter (Charlotte, Somewhere)

Friday, 8 December 2017

When Rebecca suggested this topic for a guest post, I was all over it like marshmallows on hot chocolate because this year, I am actually going to some exciting places in the build up to Christmas. I am flying to New Zealand (I may even be there when you're reading this). Here's some that I am most looking forward to:

1. Rotorua - Rotorua is on the North Island of New Zealand. There are pretty forests and lakes, but the main attraction is the natural heated outdoor pools. It is part of a geothermal field with volcanic crater lakes, spouting geysers and bubbling mud pools. So basically a really pretty outdoor spa. I've heard it stinks but I'm willing to suffer that to see something that amazing.

2. Hobbiton - Hobbitses! It would be rude to fly all the way to New Zealand and not see the Hobbiton set. I have always wanted to live in a teeny tiny hobbit house. They are adorable! I assume they aren't going to let me pack my bags and move there, but I'll settle for a stroll around the Shire and some second breakfast.

3. Waitomo Caves - Glow worms! Hundreds of them in caves and you can take a boat ride through to look at them.This has been on my bucket list for years. They're unique to New Zealand so I can't fly out there without taking the opportunity to get a big fat tick on my bucket list!

4. South Island Glaciers - When we looked at things to see on our trip, we wanted to see things we couldn't do anywhere else. I want to see a glacier. The idea of them fascinates me. I think they're stunning with an edge of danger. I do find natural landscapes really humbling. And the icy landscape will be nice and Christmassy!

5. Orana Wildlife Park - This wildlife park is near my parents. We'll have seen many of the animals before, but you can hand feed a giraffe and a lemur, and we'll get to see the native Kiwi! I think Mum is almost more excited about taking S to visit there than we are!

And my bonus places: My Family's Houses - I'll get to see, for the first time, where my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin live on the North Island and where my parents live on the South Island. I'm going to be meeting my baby niece! It'll be nice to see where they are living and what's around them. And when I get home I'm going to Nana's. Christmas afternoon at Nana and Grandad's was a big part of my childhood. I would stroll in, demand my second Christmas dinner and then open a second pile of santa presents. I'll only be getting one dinner this year and Santa won't be bringing me presents, but spending Christmas with my Nana will still be lovely.

Thank you for being on my blog lovely <3 You can check out more from Charlotte by going to her blog or following her on Twitter, she's amazing and I highly recommend it!


  1. I want a hobbit house too!!!! I also would love to see the glow worms. Another place I want to see is the northern lights. :) Hope you visit all the cool spots you want while you are away.


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