GUEST POST: Five Stocking Fillers from a Bookshop (Tea Party Princess)

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

If you're a bookworm, you're going to end up in a bookshop at some point. Obviously. So why not pick up a few stocking fillers while you're there? Especially when they're all under a tenner.

Keep reading if you need a few more present ideas from Cora for friends and family this Christmas!

'You Are Here' Bookmark

These are perfect for bookworms, and especially for reviewers. They come in a small pad, ready for you to scribble notes on, and include space for details of the book itself, and a Did Not Finish tick box.

Busy B To Do Pocket Diary 2018

This is great for the blogger or planner in your life, although you'll probably struggle not to keep it yourself. It features weekly spreads for the whole of 2018, complete with space for lists and notes, and storage pockets every three months.

Really Tiny Booklight

Sometimes you just want to read your book in bed or in dully lit pubs because #Unsociable, and this little light is fab for that. It's barely larger than a pen so it's easy to carry, and throws off enough light down the page to read comfortably.

Retro Alarm Clock

Does your pet bookworm stay up all night reading and end up late to everything because they struggle to get up in the morning? Got that sorted with this adorable, retro style alarm clock!

Books I Have Read & Books I Want to Read

Is there any greater sense of achievement than looking through a book journal at the end of the year at what you have read? This one has extra sections for favourite books, websites, and book groups.

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  1. These are brilliant ideas! The book journal sounds especially good; I used to keep a diary of books then stopped as I felt awful for being so slow.
    Amy xx


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