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Friday, 15 December 2017

Why I picked this topic is beyond me. For those of you who know me know I struggle with the lack of daylight hours, the dark mornings and the even longer dark nights. So why say you'll write about the reasons you love Winter for, you silly girl?? Truthfully, I still have many reasons why I love Winter even though I'd be more suited as an animal who hibernates through Winter. Let's face it, hedgehogs are cute and they hibernate. Surely I can be cute AND hibernate?

Since we've established that I'd be pretty good at hibernating through Winter I guess you better get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, get those candles lit and get cosy because here are my reasons why I love Winter...

1. Hot Chocolate - Seriously, if you thought I'd be missing this bad boy of a drink off my list then you're very much mistaken. All of the sugar in a perfect Winter warmer of a drink. Yes please!! I'll take one, or five, or a hundred. You better make sure it comes with cream and marshmallows too. Plus Hot Chocolate & a good book = the way to my heart.

2. Magic - the magic of Winter is very, very real. Cosy nights by the fire (even if it is just with a good book), the extra sparkle that makes everything glisten and seem all so exciting, spreading the joy with loved ones and baking up those delicious Winter treats. Home-made magic is the best kind of magic.

3. Baking - there is nothing finer than spending time during Winter at home, baking up delicious treats. Not only do you get all of the sweet goodness to taste, but it makes your house smell gorgeous and ever so inviting. Seriously, if you've never experienced being at home with the smell of Gingerbread cookies baking and making delicious cakes then you're living life all wrong. Extra bonus if you have home-made bread and pies thrown in the mix too (Dad, you better invite yourself round and teach me all of your baking secrets).

4. Traditions - I LOVE all of the cute little traditions that go perfectly with Winter. From the home-made cards and gifts to the pantomimes at the theatre. Give me all of the cutesy little traditions and I am happy. Without the traditions, I feel like Winter and Christmas lose their extra sparkle.

5. Gifts - I am ALL for the giving of gifts. It makes my heart all warm and gooey, a bit like the finest salted caramel cookie dough, to give gifts that light up someone's world and bring that little glint of light to their eyes. I am all for making someone smile, and giving a small, meaningful gift can do just that.

 6. Decorations - The glitz and glamour of Christmas decorations can seriously light up your life. Who hasn't been stood there in complete awe as the Christmas lights are switched on in the city? Who hasn't been caught staring at Christmas decorations in wonder? Decorations add to the magic of Winter and you get extra bonus points if you have some home-made decorations. Making a home-made decoration every year can be a great tradition, especially if you've got kids (Sorry mam and dad, but you're going have to keep every single one of the home-made decorations your kids made you).

7. Snow - I am talking about the cute, fluffy white blanket that covers EVERYTHING and makes it sparkle. Yes, it may be ice cold but it is just so pretty. Serious *heart eyes* when it snows. I don't know any of nature's magic that adds a shimmer to literally everything it covers, apart from snow. I mean ice is just as pretty, but have you ever tried walking when its icy and the snow is basically just slush? It's a no-go. Aimee + ice or any form of slippery surface = "Hello floor," as I faceplant it. Plus nothing else makes everything have a lovely shimmer, apart from glitter.

8.    Glitter - You can't have extra sparkle without glitter, and everyone NEEDS extra sparkle to brighten up this time of year. Trust me on this one though, do not buy gift wrap that is covered in glitter because it will go EVERYWHERE. I learnt this lesson the hard way this year after buying the CUTEST gift wrap ever, only to discover that I too was going to end up covered in just as much glitter as the gifts. Oops. Does this mean that if I now find glitter in the pages of my books, that they have extra magic??

 9.      Christmas - There is no better feeling than getting into bed on Christmas Eve with clean sheets after having a lush bath and putting on some cosy new PJs whilst watching your favourite Christmas films. Christmas is a time to be spent with loved ones, but you can't deny that the real winner of Winter is the Christmas dinner. I mean is it really Christmas without eating chocolate for breakfast and then sitting around the family table with a plate of the finest Christmas Dinner? Plus if your family isn't arguing over who sits where and who pulls the Christmas crackers with who whilst having Christmas dinner then are you even family? Providing you have nothing thrown at you and you don't fall off your seat when pulling a cracker, then I think you can call Christmas dinner a success. I actually can't wait for Christmas dinner. Turkey, veg, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, pigs in blankets with gravy followed by home-made trifle or Christmas cake is just delicious... but now I'm hungry.

10.      New Year - What better way to signal the end of a year and the start of a new one than with food & fireworks? I mean yes, we do the whole food and fireworks thing for Bonfire night but it's without the added fun of a countdown and New Year's resolutions. Y'know the promises that people make to themselves but never have any real intention of keeping, yeah those things. To me, bringing in the New Year is a brilliant way of keeping hope for what the future may bring. Plus, New Year is an excuse to have a party, say farewell to the past and hello to the new. I mean what better way to end a year with loved ones? So seriously, get those nibbles on and end the year with a bang!! Then enjoy the start of a New Year with a hearty home-made meal with your loved ones, binge watch all of the films, play those games you got for Christmas, share fortune cookies and have a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to begin a new year and let by-gones be by-gones than by having a jolly old good time?

For a chilly season, there are some magical and heart-warming aspects to Winter. I've loved revisiting some of my favourite things about Winter, and if there is snow at any point this year then I better be getting a snowman as adorable and funny as Olaf. Olaf is for life and not just for Winter.

Thank you ever so much Rebecca for allowing me a spot on your blog just to discuss all things Winter. I have had an absolute ball writing this post, even if it did make me extremely hungry and wanting yet another cup of the finest hot chocolate with all of the works. I would love to hear what everyone else loves about Winter and what their possible New Year's resolutions are going to be.

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  1. Really loved This! I'm personally not a big New Year fan as fireworks really aggravate my symptoms 😕 but I agree with just about everything else! Loving your blogmas btw
    Amy xx


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