GUEST POST: A Wintertime Memory (A Cup Of Wonderland)

Monday, 18 December 2017

It’s strange to be writing this while there is a snow blizzard going on outside and the roaring fire going on inside. I’ve always loved this time of year, when the days get shorter and darker and nights colder - giving me an excuse to curl up under numerous blankets. Except, I’m not alone because little Rambo is very much like me when the cold begins, we both enjoy our comfort surrounded in blankets. Anyway, I am very excited to have been asked by Rebecca to write a guest blog post for her Blogmas season, and out of the many ideas she presented I thought it be fun to write about my favourite Wintertime memory. It was meant to be Christmas, however hasn’t had many good memories generated from it. Beside Wintertime is so much more fun!

One of my most treasured Wintertime memories actually involves one of my favourite people in the world. In fact it was snowing a much more volatile snow storm than it is right now, for that reason school had been called off meaning us lucky few who only lived across the street were free! It must have been during year 9 or 10, I can’t remember specifically as they all blur together into a single mush. I was one of those lucky few who lived across the street, while my best friend only lives down the road as well, meaning we trudged our way through the heaps of snow. I think we all agree that snow days are always the best kind of days.

Jen came over to mine and we headed down into the conservatory - I have no idea why as it’s always freezing in them, often colder inside than it is outside. With copious amounts of blankets and plenty of snacks, Jen introduced me to Sherlock which is a show that I hadn’t seen before. I think in that day we completed the whole first season and ate all the snacks. But we also made a lot of hot chocolate, it was when Youtubers were the big thing and it was all kicking off and Ingrid Nielsen had put up a hot chocolate tutorial. From that single tutorial, me and Jen had created many styles of hot chocolate recipes which we made during that one day. I think Mum especially got annoyed since we used up all the Nutella in the house that day which meant she couldn’t have it on her toast the next day.

It was a good day, no nothing spectacular happened. It was a simple day spent with my best friend doing what we do best - binging TV series. Spending a day without the worry and stress of GCSE’s but rather having fun and making hot chocolate. Playing with the dogs and having both of them snuggle up as well. A simple and lovely day which followed by my parents joining us too in order to catch up on an episode which they hadn’t seen to completion.

The simple and fun days, definitely provide the warmest memories for me.


Thank you once again Rebecca for having me on your blog, If you want to find more of my posts then you can find me at: and on twitter at @cupofwonderland.

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