How I Wrapped My Gifts This Year

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Wrapping presents and giving them in general is something I have always enjoyed doing. I would honestly say I prefer to give gifts than receive them, not just because I get really awkward about opening presents in front of people.. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to presentation, so I thought I would share the theme I went for this year and some of the bits and pieces I bought (mostly from Paperchase), just in case anyone needs some last minute inspiration. 

I went for brown paper this year, it looks kitschy and cute and best of all, it's cheap. I'm not cheap, it's Christmas and I like to go all out but I like to go for a theme and this year I felt like I wanted my presents to all match.

Brown paper can be a little boring though, especially at Christmas. So I really went for it with the ribbons and gift tags. These beauties all came from Paperchase so if you're looking for any accessories I highly recommend you check out their website OR wait until after Christmas and buy what you can in the sales! I spent less than £20 at full price so the sales will be glorious. 

As well as colourful ribbons and gift tags, I also picked up a stamp set from Amazon. I saw a few  lifestyle bloggers/vloggers try stamping patterns and flourishes onto gifts last year, so this year I really wanted to try it myself. Not on all of my presents, but in particular the ones that were too small to gift tag. 

I had a lot of fun messing around with the stamps I think they look really cute, they were less than £10 and I'll definitely be saving them for another year as you can pick up ink pads really cheap. 

As you can see the other theme I went for was glitter, everything had to be shiny. It took quite a lot of ribbon (all of one colour in some cases) to wrap some of the presents but I even used the leftovers to jazz up smaller presents. I kept a lot of the greens and golds for my families presents and blue and silver went out to my friends because I wrapped a lot of these on December 1st and I wanted them to match in my room... 

As I write this I still have more gifts to wrap but I'm happy with how the first batch turned out! How have you done Christmas this year? I'd love to see photos (I'm a total Christmas nerd), and I hope I gave you a couple of ideas for your own presents this year or in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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