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Sunday, 24 December 2017

This has been a big year for me, not just in terms of blogging. I’ve been seeing people doing this on Twitter and I decided to change up my blog schedule a little bit and share with you the high points of 2017 on this last day of Blogmas.

I’m going to do these in chronological order, not order of importance. So first up is me turning twenty-two, not a particularly spectacular age, but I’m another year older and I got to celebrate my Birthday in one of my favourite places in the world -The Harry Potter Studios. It was a very Potter Birthday and all my birthday presents were Harry Potter themed -best birthday ever.

After my Birthday was my university trip to Cannes. I’ve never been to the South of France before, so that alone was a bucket list tick. But while we were in Cannes I got to attend a real TV event where producers and companies, buy and sell TV shows and formats. It was very surreal that you could walk up to the BBC desk and buy something from them. Obviously you’d have to have at least a couple of million in your pocket but still a cool prospect.

Also in Cannes, I got to meet my favourite actor ever, on a red carpet, that I was actually invited to as part of being invited to the TV event. Jeremy Renner was in Cannes with his TV show Knightfall and with some help and a push from my friends, I got to meet him and tell him how much I love his work. Life, made.

After Cannes was my graduation. I am officially a university graduate, I got my degree in Media Production this year and while I’m not in an active media job right now, my hobbies and very soon my business (announcement coming soon) are all based online, I don’t think I’d be half as good at what I do without the practice I got at university, because it was a uni module  that inspired my love of social media.

After my graduation was my first YALC. I’ve done conventions before but I’ve never seen so many authors (and Benedict Cumberbatch) in one room before. It was another amazing experience and getting to talk to Non Pratt, Chris Russell and Patrick Ness was a dream. I can’t wait for next year.

In September I got to go to Florida with my family. This has always been our favourite place to go together but we haven't had the money to do it for the last few years. So this was a real surprise that my mum booked only a month before we were due to fly. I had the best time and even if we don't get to go back for a few years, it's okay because we made some great memories.

There were a couple of rough months after coming home from Florida. I got really down about not being able to find a job and even though people constantly told me it would be okay, I just didn’t see it. In November I got a job that I really like, with people who are really supportive. It’s not my forever job, but it helps me save up and gives me enough time to work on other projects too. I can’t see a downside right now.

That brings me to December. I got to go visit my dad in Chester for the second time this year. He took me and my sister to the Christmas market and Wales Comic Con and we had an amazing time. I won’t get to see my dad on Christmas Day but we had a great time at the start of the month and he’ll be visiting before New Year so I’m excited for that.

There are a few other highlights that I didn’t mention in full because I talked about it in other posts, going to Walker Stalker, filming my first two weddings, meeting The Northern Bloggers, raising money for charity, my aunties Hen Do and her getting married. It’s been a good year and I’m glad because so many bad things happened to my family in 2016 that I don’t know what we’d have done this year if the bad luck continued. Luckily we had some good luck, and on Christmas Eve I am so grateful for a more positive year. Thank you everyone!

And the end of this post marks the end of Blogmas, this has been a really productive month and I've loved having my friends write posts for my blog again. There is one more post for this year I think, but if that doesn't happen then this might be it for my first year of blogging. So thank you for joining me on this journey. I will definitely have a post on January 1st as it'll be my one year Blogiversary and I'll have an exciting announcement for you! Oooh, mysterious. It's something new I'm working on and will involve a giveaway...

Thanks for reading! And have a very Merry Christmas <3

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  1. These all sound lovely 💜. Have a fab Christmas if we aren't chatting beforehand!
    Amy xxx


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