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Saturday, 23 December 2017

It's Christmas Eve and that means it's the end of Blogmas! The majority of these books I have been raving about on social media all year so I'm pretty much an advocate for them now, so they are my 2017 recommendations even though a couple of them weren't actually released this year but sssh. 

If you do follow me on Twitter, then I'm sure you can guess at least half of the books that are going to feature in this top ten -quick think of your guesses before you read on! Enjoy ~

1. One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus - Review
This not only was one of my favourite books this year, but also the biggest surprise. I downloaded it off of Netgalley purely based on the cover and then when I read I just fell in love with the characters (particularly Nate who I talk about regularly) and the story had just the right amount of twists and turns that I didn't know what was going on until the last minute. Definitely give this a read if you like Pretty Little Liars, lots of A feels. 

2. They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera - Review
Another one that I have shouted a lot about on Twitter. This book destroyed me. I was one of those idiots who thought a title with such an obvious spoiler would somehow be misleading and they both wouldn't actually die at the end. I was wrong. Rufus and Mateo were amazing, I loved them both dearly and I still get choked up thinking about how things ended. Read if you want to torture yourself. 

3. Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu - Review
I read this as part of the Zoella Book Club. It made me think about how much I would have liked to join a club of strong willed young women at school. I never really had a repressive moment in high school, obviously there were boys who said the sort of things that boys said, people laughed even though it wasn't funny etc. I just think this book is important and will show any reader that you don't just have to accept this misogynistic world. Everyone go read Moxie.

4. S.T.A.G.S. by M.A. Bennett - Review 
This was one of those books I wasn't 100% sure of when I first picked it up. I'd read very mixed reviews but it turned out I was one of those people who loved it. It focuses on Greer, a girl who doesn't fit in at her new, posh school, and what it costs to try and fit in. This is a book that has all the elements of a good thriller, Henry doesn't want his privileged way of life threatened, so to protect his lifestyle, he takes to plotting against anyone who is poor, has 'new' money or has darker skin than him. If you get invited to go Huntin', Fishin' and Shootin' - don't go is what I'm saying. 

5. Truth Or Dare by Non Pratt - Review
I read this quite a while ago but it's been on my radar all year. It's about Sef and Claire, two people who aren't really friends, who join together to set up a YouTube channel to help raise money for Sef's brother, who was in an accident and now requires around the clock care. I really enjoyed this book as someone who loves YouTubers and the whole idea of social media doing something positive. Obviously social media isn't always good, but sometimes it is. This book has some great twists and turns, it's an emotional read. Definitely get a copy, Non Pratt is amazing. 

6. It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne - Review 
When I read this book I almost couldn’t believe how personal the story was to me. So many things that the main character, Audrey, was going through was things that I had to deal with when I was younger, the difference being that Audrey is this kick ass feminist character and was much better equipped to deal with things than I was back then. This is another book that is great for struggling youngsters and anyone who feels odd because they don't swoon when Ryan Gosling threatens to kill himself if he doesn't get a date - obviously talking about The Notebook. Everyone read this. 

7. After The Fire by Will Hill - Review 
Another book from the Zoella Book Club. This book follows the story of Moonbeam, a girl who has recently left a cult after a horrible fire. The story switches between Moonbeam in the hospital recovering and her life in this cult. It's a really horrible story and it baffled me that things like this could really have happened and are still happening in the world. If you like intense reads, this is definitely the book for you. 

8. Freshers by Lucy Ivision and Tom Ellen - Review 
This book made me feel better about my university experience by showing us that there is no such thing as a perfect uni experience, everyone has their ups and downs or total meltdowns and that's okay. Even one good memory or a couple of good friends means that university was worth it. This book highlighted a lot of things I missed out on at Uni, like a Harry Potter society, there wasn't one of those at my university and it still makes me feel bitter. A great read for past student, perspective students and anyone who wants to know what university is like in the UK. 

**The not 2017 releases section**

9. Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli - Review 
This book came out in 2015 and I'd heard nothing but good things about it. I picked it up as part of my 24 Hour Readathon and I became obsessed with Simon. He's a guy who happens to be gay but he isn't out to anyone, except his online boyfriend Blue. This is a super cute story about online love, coming out and even thought some people are rubbish, there are a lot of people who are supportive and loving. This is a feel good book that you NEED to read because it's going to be a movie next year starring Nick Robinson (king of YA adaptations, just saying). 

10. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
The only one of these books I actually haven't reviewed in full on my blog. I planned to review this and Lord of Shadows together since I was late to the party BUT I will say this book is incredible. It's by far the strongest of Cassie Clare's books and I read them all this year (except LOS), the writing is brilliant and for a book with so many characters the characterisation for each of them is excellent. Mark is my favourite, and I can't wait for more of him. I think you could probably get away with starting with this series if you wanted to, a lot of The Mortal Instruments series is explained in this book and you'll still get to meet everyone at some point (Magnus <3). So yeah, read this one too.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow <3

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  1. Moxie made my list too, and One of Us is Lying was close to making It! Simon would definetly have been on last year's if I'd been blogging: love that book 💜
    Amy xxx


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