Wildest Dreams - The Best of YA December Unboxing

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

It's been an exciting time for Wildest Dreams, the first boxes have been received and Janurary's box is on sale! So go check out www.wildestdreamsbookbox.com to get yours now, the theme is INTO THE JUNGLE, this is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting box so you don't want to miss out!

Onto my review of The Best of YA box!

I've been excited about this box ever since Zoe told me she was starting her own subscription, it wasn't even very long ago that I was helping her take test photos and now 50 boxes are in the wild two months later, it's an incredible turnaround and I couldn't be prouder.

(look how professional my girl looks, I'm so proud)

The theme of this box was The Best of YA. I only knew about one of the items in this box so I was super excited to see what else was included.

The first item I tried out was the Sorting Bath Bomb. I've been feeling really ill lately so a nice hot bath was definitely needed. The bath bomb comes from Geeky Clean, I've used a few of Steph's products in the past and they're all really good quality and smell incredible. My bath bomb turned blue for Ravenclaw when I used it, which is fine because that's probably my secondary house. These bath bombs are good but don't be expecting 100% accuracy, bath products can only achieve so much. 

Next was the bookish tea. Anyone who knows Zoe won't be surprised about the theme for the tea, I know I wasn't when she told me. I had no idea of the flavour though, and it's literally my favourite thing about Christmas. Chocolate oranges! The smell this tea gives off is incredible and chocolatey then the taste is warm and citrusy. A perfect blend for this time of year, hats off to Rosie Lea Tea for making this gorgeous tea. (disclaimer, those aren't the chocolate coins Zoe sent me. I ate those while running my bath and bought more for photos... yup.)


The main event of any book subscription is the book itself, I was surprised that Zoe didn't go all out and include a copy of Will Hill's After The Fire, but I'm glad it was a book I haven't read this year. The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed is about girls supporting one another in a world where we should be allies, not enemies. Girl power is important when so many of us feel scared and alone and like no one else will believe us if we speak out. It's a really amazing sounding read so I'll definitely be giving this one a go, thanks Zoe! The book comes with a letter from the author too, a really lovely touch. 

There was also a signed item in this box, a bookmark from author Michelle Kenney who wrote Book of Fire, we also got a post card promoting her book (another that I haven't read and will now have to).

For a first box I think this was really amazing and I like/have used/consumed everything that was included in it, which is always a bonus in a sub box, usually you're left with something you don't care for. I'm so so so excited for January's box, I really recommend you sign up if you're a Jurassic Park fan like me, dinosaurs are going to be a strong theme.

(you wanna subscribe now, I know you do www.wildestdreamsbookbox.com)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your photos are so lovely Rebecca! Really interesting to see what's in the box 😊
    Amy xx

  2. Im so glad you were really pleased w the box!!


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