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Friday, 12 January 2018

Welcome welcome to my bookshelves! Disclaimer - I own a lot of books that unfortunately have to live under my bed, so I will not be showing those because it isn't dignified or cute. I also fill my shelves with non-booky things in the places that books don't fit, I hope you'll enjoy seeing those too! 

To the post!

We'll start at the bottom. This is my YA shelf (not all of my YA but a good chunk of it) with my Buffy Slayers Guide thrown in because it's pretty and I wanted it on my most visible shelf. I'm starting a transition into 2018 with three of my 2018 books at the end there near the Tsum Tsum's. 

The shelf above that is my faves. The books of different series, specifically my colourful editions as I have multiple copies of all of these books. Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, His Dark Materials, The Hunger Games. Also ft. Hedwig.

Above that is the shelf that is too narrow to fit books... So very pointless on a bookshelf but it does give me a place to put my assortment of pop vinyls (a small sample of my collection because I have a collecting problem). These are some of my favourites featuring -for those you who can't work it out, Emma Swan and Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time, Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games, Levi from Attack on Titan (in his cleaning get up because it's too funny), Harry, JB and Eggsy from Kingsman and then Werewolf Lupin and Boggart Snape from Harry Potter -which are the best ever.

The shelf above that is again, not books. Sorry. It's bookish candles! I noticed after taking this photo that none of my own candles have made it onto the shelf yet?! Clearly I don't dub myself worthy. These are basically all from Meraki Candles, who has unfortunately closed her shop now. There's a couple from Flickerink too! And my Bird of Paradise plant -the flower is a fake, the real flower has not bloomed yet and I've had the thing about six months. 

 A different bookshelf now, yay! Here we have lots more books. We'll start at the bottom again. We have the hardbacks and miscelanious books that don't quite fit on other shelves either because of their size or because I just ran out of room. As you can see I am a massive Torchwood fan -these are the ones I kept when I took the rest of my collection to the charity shop. This is basically the equivelent of the messy drawer, I will reorganise when I get another shelf. 

Next is the pretty spine editions of Shadowhunters. I only started collecting these books last year and I already have multiple editions of them all. But look how nice they look together! These will have to move down a shelf when the next two spine art editions of The Dark Artifices come out so that they'll all fit together <3.

Above that is my TBR shelf -something new I am trying this year to motivate me to read books more urgently. We'll ignore all the books on pre-order and e-books and audio books etc and pretend that these are the only books I need to read... I'm such a liar. Also Renly, still not over that Game of Thrones death.. 

Speaking of Game of Thrones... Then we have my copies of A Song of Ice and Fire -I own the other books on my iPad - which is a crime in itself, but if I buy the others they won't fit on my shelf so I'm content with my half completed collection for now. I also hide my money jar behind that notebook, so if you want to steal four pounds (a pound for every book I've read this year) then that's where to go when you hit my room. 

The note book gets pride of place because it's my Once Upon a Time autograph book. Featuring the majority of the cast from the Storybrooke conventions I went to a couple of years ago. 

Above that shelf is fragrances, because I collect all of the nice smelling things and books do not fit on this shelf narrow shelf either... We'll swiftly move on because that's it!

At the tippity top of my clock bookcase are my signed Pop Vinyls and we're done! Thank you so much for reading this post, I've wanted to go a bookshelf tour for the longest time and finally, after dusting, I felt like it was time. I would love to see everyone else's bookshelves, so if you've done a post like this PLEASE link it below so I can stalk and steal ideas, or tag me when you do a post so I can read it <3

You can also head over to my YouTube channel for an updated bookshelf tour! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like how you've displayed your Funkos! I usually just put the box in storage, but I have so many they're piling up everywhere now. I also love how colourful your shelves are, and it's making me really want to (finally) organise mine by colour!

    1. Thank you! These are the only ones I still have the boxes for, my Harry Potter ones are just loosey goosey on another shelf. I have hidden away my piles of books the best I can, why can't we all have built in floor to ceiling bookshelves with sliding ladders? <3 Thanks for reading my dear xx

  2. Omg how are your shelves so tidy! I feel like mine are in a constant state of 'needs rearranging' x

  3. Your shelves are so tidy! love the mini Katniss and Peeta

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  5. Ohh, your shelves are so beautiful! I love them! ^^ (so sorry, I got a typo)

  6. I'm in love with your bookshelves! So much inspiration in one place! :)

  7. Gorgeous shelves, I have a Game of Thrones coloring book that I would like to send you for your collection!! I found it at my Dollar Tree for $1, and just grabbed it! But I would love to send it to you-email me-joanndownieATyahooDOTcom, and I will get it to you as soon as I can, I love all your shelves, especially with the Funko's and candles!!


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