The Fandom Review

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Rating: 5/5
By Anna Day
Source: ARC from YALC

Cosplay ready, Violet and her friends are at Comic-Con.

They can’t wait to meet the fandom of mega movie, The Gallows Dance. What they’re not expecting is to be catapulted by freak accident into their favourite world – for real. Fuelled by love, guilt and fear, can the friends put the plot back on track and get out? The fate of the story is in their hands.

First of all, I waited way too long to read this book. I am ashamed of myself for getting an advanced copy at YALC and waiting until four days before the release to start reading it -this is why I'm not trusted with ARCs (sorry), but I have seen the error of my ways. Now onto the rest of the review!

I don't think I have ever been so easily immersed in a book. I've done the convention thing, being immensely excited for the nerdiness, posing for a photo with your fave, crying a little because you love them so much -just me? Okay! 

Moments after meeting their idol, Violet and her friends are transported to the world of their favourite book/movie, The Gallows Dance, a dream come true, right? Not exactly. This world is filled with the kind of prejudice that see's innocent people hanged for the crime of being a 'lesser human' or Imp. The sentences are being upheld by genetically improved humans or 'Gems'.

So there's a lot of tension and conflict and four kids from our world have just been dumped into the middle of it. Their presence doesn't go unnoticed, they begin to change the original story of book and risk being trapped forever. Together with the original characters, they have to reach the end of the 'canon' story to get back home, which proves harder than they initially thought. 

I loved Violet. As far as main characters go, she was up there with the most badass. She's a Gallows Dance fanatic, meaning she knows what needs to be done. There are distractions and betrayal a long the way but Violet keeps the story moving past every obstacle. Katie was a character that represented that friend we all have who is a bit catty and sarcastic but totally loveable and Alice is there to be that annoyingly good looking friend, who is actually really nice so you can't hate her. Throw in your tagalong little brother who is as nerdy as you are (and a total sweetheart) and you've got a believable and endearing group of high schoolers. 

I can't talk about book characters and not mention Ash. He's the perfect man if ever one did exist. I'm excited for you all to meet him. 

So this group head off to comic con and end up in a book, within the book that you're reading. This was something I really loved about The Fandom. Similarly to The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, where Hazel is constantly quoting An Imperial Affliction, we learn so much about The Gallows Dance and it's characters. So you're technically reading two books -INFORM YOUR READING GOALS. 

Anna seems like the sort of person I would get along with. All the references to other texts within The Fandom gave this book a whole other dimension, it reminded me that I wasn't reading high fantasy, I was reading something different -a contemporary/fantasy blend. I think it's my favourite genre and I didn't even know it. For the most part it was an action packed adventure story -then the feelings hit you. Love, heartbreak, sacrifice and death...? I'm keeping this review free from spoilers BUT let me forewarn you that this is a rollercoaster of a read. 

I need a sequel, again without spoiling anything, there are things that just need to be tied up because they have left my mind whirring. I need all of the answers and fast! Anna has created a book about a fandom, called The Fandom that is fast gathering a fandom of it's own. I highly recommend you pick up a copy right now, because this book is out today! I've ordered a finished copy because it's gorgeous and I think you should too... 

Thanks for reading!


  1. This sounds really good, how could I never heard about this before? I'm adding this to my tbr now, thank you for sharing!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. That's amazing! Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad I could inspire your TBR <3 xx


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