Wildest Dreams - Truth and Lies February Unboxing

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello everyone! Today we have another Wildest Dreams unboxing. As always this post will be full of spoilers so if you are reading this before you have opened your own box then I recommend leaving now and coming back later. If you didn't order yourself a box and now need to see if you missed out (spoiler: you did sorry) then keep on reading! 

The theme of this box was Truth and Lies, so lets see what we got this month. 

First up we have another beautifully designed tea from Rosie Lea Tea, this time it is Harry Potter themed and it's glorious. Veritaserum is lemon and ginger flavoured and like last months Dino DNA tea, the packaging is a test tube, which is still super cool and will look amazing on display with the other one. 

The next item is something I was really nervous about because it's a Taken Moons product, but everyone has been so lovely and seem to really like it so I can finally breathe. I had a lot of fun making the Divergent inspired candle 'Lies Require Commitment' for this months box. It smells like Black Cherry and has black wax with black and red glitter on the top. I really hope you're enjoying my candles as much as I'm enjoying making them. 

Zoe likes to throw in some little treats and other extras too to pad out the box which is always nice. This month we got some little candies and a Harry Potter 20 bookmark from Bloomsbury. 

Now onto the main attraction. This months book was The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr. I did actually start reading this book a few months ago when I got a copy through Netgalley, but the opening was so intense that I took a break from it to read another book, which became another book and another -but I'm definitely going to give this book another shot now that I have a finished copy because I loved Flora Banks so much.

And that was the Truth and Lies box! Zoe is really impressing me with her curating skills and I was so happy to be able to be a part of her journey this month, you might be seeing me again in the future so keep an eye out for that... <3 Thanks for letting me be a rep Zoe, I love you! 

Next months theme is Family Ties and if you hurry you'll be able to grab one before they sell out! Wildest Dreams boxes cost £18 including postage if you get a month to month -there are also multiple-month buy deals available. You can find all the information on Zoe's website.

Thanks for reading!

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