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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The other day I saw a lot of hate on Twitter for a book series that I really love and for a minute I actually considered not sharing my love because of the sheer number of people I knew I would be going against.

I thought, there must be a blog post in there somewhere, so I put out a Tweet asking for other peoples opinions and within five minutes I got a lot of responses.
Sometimes I feel the need to avoid the negativity surrounding my favourite books because too often I'm made to feel stupid or inferior for finding joy in something that other people dislike. I'm not saying I'm oblivious to the faults in a book I love. A review that says 'I found the writing childish' is okay because it's just an opinion, quite often I read books and think the same thing. My problem is when reviewers say things like 'no young adult is going to be able to relate to this scenario, but a ten year old might',  which is very similar to something I have read about a book I love and relate to as a 23 year old. This is a very sweeping statement and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassed, I know it shouldn't but on a bad day I can't help it.

I'm someone who generally doesn't just like things. I LOVE THINGS WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. So I am guilty of taking things too personally when someone doesn't enjoy something I love. This lasts about five minutes and then I'm over it and I'm back to enjoy myself because life is too short not to just love the things you love.
If I dislike something I don't generally talk about it very much and I only review books if I have something nice to say about them as well as bad things and if I have more bad to say I do NOT tag the author, that's not nice.
I've also had experiences where I've said my favourite book is a Harry Potter one, only to be met with eye rolls. The same goes with a lot of my favourites, the Shadowhunters books, The Hunger Games, Twilight -funnily enough no one says anything when I talk about The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde being my favourite classic. There seems to be a lot of snobbery which doesn't make sense when I'm a predominantly a reviewer of 'teen' books, if all my favourites were classics or indie-adult books then I'd be reviewing the wrong genre.

There's no need for a battle of superiority in any aspect of book blogging, but least of all in a simple exchange of opinions. You can hate something that some one else loves but don't belittle them about it and if they don't want to know why you hate it, find someone who does because in the book blogging community, there will always be someone who wants to sip the tea
Don't get me wrong, most people are amazing. I have definitely found my tribe on Twitter and fangirling about novels is one of my favourite pass times. It's only when I'm having a low day and don't feel as confident in myself that I feel affected by negativity. I'm going to make a point of keeping my negative opinions to myself if they are not constructive while shouting louder about things I do like.

Having conversations with people who have different opinions to you is an amazing experience when it isn't a personal attack, there's no reason why we can't be civil and I really want to have more positive experiences. Please get in touch if you have opinions on books I've read and loved that you didn't like so much and let me know your thoughts on this topic either in the comments or by going to the original tweet!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is spot on :)
    The snobbery in some parts of the book community it just silly, don't hate on someone's passions because you don't like them
    I adore trash books like Famous In Love, the kind of problematic fluff that most people roll their eyes at. I acknowledge that it's trash and that it's not even well written but damn I love Paige Townsen and I won't be ashamed.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/


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