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Monday, 9 July 2018

This is strange. It feels like it's been far too long since I did this, I haven't posted on this blog properly since the end of May and it's the longest hiatus I've had since I started my blog last year. Honestly, the reason I disappeared is because I've been trying something new and getting a balance right just wasn't working for me because all of my energy was going into this new adventure. 

In case you didn't know, I started my own Youtube/Booktube channel also at the end of May (coincidence? Absolutely) and it's been so much fun but I don't want to forget my blog because without my blog, I never would have started my channel. So, if you'd like to see what I've been up to on my hiatus head to my channel where I've been posting weekly. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are some YouTubers I have been loving lately!
The idea for this post came from a bookish group chat I'm in. I watch a lot of Youtube as well as Booktube and other people weren't sure about which Youtubers to watch, so here is a very belated recommendation post for all of the none-bookish creators that I watch. 

Creator: Brogan Tate
Channel Name: brogantatexo
Content: Beuaty, travel and lifestyle vlogger. I discovered Brogan through her Disney World vlogs but once her trip was over I stuck around for her Primark hauls and weekly vlogs because her videos just put me in such a good mood. Brogan has also recently started Slimming World and since I've been dieting, it's been a real inspiration to see someone doing so well on their weight loss journey. 

Creator: Jade Billigndon
Channel Name: Jade Billingdon
Content: Beauty and lifestyle vlogger. I also discovered Jade through her Disney World vlogs (I watch a lot of them okay? Disney World is my happy place and I like to see other people living their best life there too). Jade is one of the sweetest beans in the world, her and her husband Matt make the nicest vlogs together and I've discovered a love of make up videos especially ones that aren't crazy, Jade does very realistic and daily looks, so I appreciate that. 

Creator:  Zoe Sugg
Channel Name: Zoella (moreZoella)
Content: Beauty and lifestyle vlogger. I have been watching Zoella video for years, and while I think Zoe has been very humble as she's grown in popularity over the years, one of the reasons I can't stop watching her videos is because she does what my faves do but bigger. Her hauls are insane, her house and garden are insane. She goes the extra mile when she's planning parties and has so much pride in her home, that I honestly relate so much and she's goals in a lot of ways.

Creator: Phil Lester
Channel Name: AmazingPhil, DANANDPHILGAMES
Content: Classic YouTube and gaming videos. Phil is honestly one of my favourite people in the world and I've been watching his videos for about nine years. He is pure and genuinely seems to care about his fans (and he's the best hugger, take lessons Dan). Phil makes what I would consider classic YouTube videos, silly, pointless fun that makes for a great escape from reality. And his Sims 4 series with Dan is actually everything, I highly recommend.

Creator: Daniel Howell
Channel Name: Daniel Howell (danisnotonfire), DANANDPHILGAMES
Content: Relatable, life questioning, existential crisis videos. So I watch Dan for very different reasons to Phil, Dan's videos are usually very real. I didn't know what an existential crisis was until I watched Dan's videos and realised that I have them constantly. Dan does also make silly videos from time to time, but usually with a darker, more sarcastic twist. And again, watch their Sims 4 series. 

Creator: Amelia Haynes
Channel Name: HAYNES
Content: Disney, marvel, travel vlogs. I can't remember if I discovered Amelia from her Disney Vlogs or one of her Disney Hauls, whichever it was I stayed because she is basically me. She's studying film at uni, I studied media production, she's obessed with the same things as me and her favourite marvel character is Bucky Barnes... I was shook, she is me (which means my YouTube channel is already not unique). I've never related to a creator so much. She has around 8000 subscribers, making her the smallest YouTuber on this list, but she's potentially my fave (after Dan and Phil of course).

Creator: Shane Dawson
Channel Name: shane
Content: I don't even know where to start. Shane is arguably the best YouTuber of all time. I used to watch emo-shane religiously in 2008 and we drifted apart when I went through a phase of only watching UK YouTubers, I don't know why either. I missed the Lisa years (his ex girlfriend) and the first couple of years since he came out as bi, so I'm now watching a completely different person, and I love everything about his content. He does some really intense videos, ghost hunting, and then some more silly videos and top ten list style content too. He's an incredible human and I'm so glad I rekindle my love for Shane. 

Creator: James Turner
Channel Name: The Sim Supply
Content: Would you believe he's a simmer? James is one of my favourite gaming Youtubers, he makes sims series that have kept me entertained for hundreds of hours, probably, I watched him a lot last year. His best videos are his rags to riches series where his sims starts with no money, no house and has to survive and work their way up to a million simoleons without a conventional job, I've never managed to come close, but James is a simming inspiration. Check him our if you love the sims. 

Creator: Maddie (Deli)
Channel Name: Deligracy
Content: Again, sims! Deli is an incredible storyteller and her sims series always have such in depth characters and plot lines that it's honestly inspiring. She has family trees, backstories, love triangles, divorces, and I highly recommend you watch her videos, particularly her Parenthood LP and new Seasons one too, they're amazing and the characters feel like an actual soap opera cast, rather than just sims.

And those are my Youtube recommendations! Who are some Youtubers that you think I should check out? I hope you enjoy checking out these creators and I shall be doing a part two of this post where I talk about my favourite Booktubers too. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. My favourite Youtuber is Lucy Wood, who makes videos quite similar to Zoella's and comes across like such a lovely person. Only discovered her quite recently but I love watching her videos :)
    Amy xx

  2. My favourite sims youtuber is Carmen King - honestly just cracks me up.
    Cora |

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